Makeup Remover Cloth


Vani-T Makeup Remover Cloth

Time to ditch the makeup wipes and chemical cleansers

If you’re like us, you’re always on the lookout for anything that streamlines your skin care routine with minimal work, no waste, and no chemicals. Promising to make your life easier, our Vani-T Eraser Makeup Remover Cloth is a total game changer that removes ALL your makeup without the use of cleanser or chemicals - just using water alone.

Welcome to the modern and eco-friendly way to slay concealer, foundation, highlighter, and lipstick - plus all the dirt and grime of your busy day. Using a specially designed soft-as-clouds cloth and water, the makeup remover cloth breaks down the oils that bond makeup to the skin, leaving behind nothing but fresh and rejuvenated skin. The cloth won’t cause tightness or redness either - the telltale signs of an upset acid mantle caused by harsh chemicals.

Throw out the stinging cleansers, smelly wipes, and harsh eye makeup removers. And say hello to softer skin, a healthier planet, and more money for important stuff (like cocktails).

Skin type
Perfect for all skin types, even sensitive and allergy-prone skin

How often
On the daily

Hero Ingredients
100% polyester - the plush fibres reach deep into your pores to gently remove all traces of makeup, making this perfect for all skin types, even sensitive and allergy-prone skin