Welcome to my little dream...

It all started as a thought, a maybe, a what if?  I had a passion, a love of unique fashion, an addiction even!

I have always loved supporting Australian fashion labels and living in the heart of the city, it had always been accessible.  Then, I met my husband (it was almost our own personal episode of farmer wants a wife) and moved to Mid North South Australia, where the fashion I loved was not so easy to access.  Online shopping became a blessing!

In 2012, we had our gorgeous girl Ruby.  I was on maternity leave, my body had changed and I was looking for something that would re-ignite my confidence.  I then realised that there were so many new mums out there feeling the same.  This was an opportunity to not only rebuild my own style, but help others too.

Thus, I bring you Anneva - a shopping destination offering beautiful Australian fashion labels, all of which are handpicked by me.

We provide a unique range of styles for the woman who wants a versatile wardrobe.  Our pieces are influenced from the latest fashion trends and classic styles to help you find an individual yet timeless look which truly expresses who you are.

If you are shopping online, I hope you enjoy your experience with Anneva.  If you have any questions at all, I encourage you to contact us via email, the website or social media.

Thanks for stopping by,

Sheri xoxo
Founder / Chief Happiness Officer