Most of us are now up to date with what’s trending this Autumn/Winter but the big question is how do I wear it?  Some of the trends I am loving and will be incorporating into my wardrobe are:

Monochrome & Grey
Monochrome looks best in stripes, solids or prints (I am not a huge polka dot fan).   The layered look is my favourite, especially for this time of year when the days begin with frost and then become a little warmer than intended by lunch.  So layering white or grey shirts and tees with a bit of length under jumpers and cardis, then pairing with distressed jeans or leatherette pants and heels makes for a fast, simple and glam look.

Oversized knits
Now come on, who doesn’t love snuggling into a nice warm knit? The fact that oversize is in – perfect!  I will be hibernating in mine all winter.  I’m going to mention layering again because you got it – it’s in and I love it.  Oversized knits make this super easy to do whether it’s five degrees or 25 degrees this winter as you can fit as little or as many layers as you like under them.

Leopard print
You either love or hate leopard print and I have to say, this season I have been won over.  With so many individual pieces out there, it makes it really easy to incorporate a little leopard into your look.  I love to pair my leopard back with basics such as a tank or jeans, to add some flair to my everyday outfits.

Bright, floral and digital style prints
There is a lot of monochrome and grey around at the moment but don’t let that deter you from that bright print that grabbed your eye as soon as you walked in the shop or opened that webpage.  Prints are still huge and will be hanging around so it’s the perfect opportunity to stock up on lightweight printed items that will see you through the spring/summer seasons too.  Printed pants have definitely become a favourite of mine along with bright lightweight tops – again, perfect for layering.  Another favourite and borderline addiction of mine at the moment is the printed shift dress, especially if I can find one with leatherette panels or patches.

Some say this is just a cheap take on leather but ideally if you find a well-made piece, you can nail the look just as well at a fraction of the cost.  We saw this trend last year and it’s back again this season featuring in panels, patches and full pieces.  A pair of leatherette leggings or pants will become your staple along with jeans this season and they look fabulous when you layer up your top half or wear with a shirt style dress.  As for panels and patches, I love the use of it in shoulder patches and panels in dresses.  It adds a bit of masculinity to what would be a very feminine piece – sometimes, just the balance you need.

April 22, 2014 — Sheridan Dixon

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