And so it begins my first official blog post…  Told just how it is, no bullshit, just pure Sheri!

The story begins, mid last year when I hit a point in my life, where I found myself incredibly bored.  Bored with my life and the direction it was heading.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my life but it seriously felt like Groundhog Day.  I was working part time and then every other day was the same.  Get up, feed the baby, play with the baby, hope for a shower, drink cups of cold coffee… you get the idea!  It got tiresome and dull very quick and it needed to change! I am an energetic chick who loves keeping busy and having a good challenge, so I had a serious think about what I could incorporate into my world, during my spare time. The loves of my life – well apart from the obvious, are shopping, bargain hunting and fashion. Then it dawned on me, why couldn't I do what I love all the time?  And thus, I bring you

Who am I?  Well, I am 29, a self confessed coffee addict, shopaholic, wine loving wife and mum.  I don’t go anywhere without lip-gloss and sometimes wonder if I remain bottle blonde to cover up my speak before I think issues.  I grew up in Adelaide’s southern suburbs and in my early 20’s wore heels day in and day out, had the beach and shops at my fingertips and a social life to die for.  In 2010, I met my spunky ‘farm boy’ as my friends and I called him - country born and bred and a complete gentleman! I was convinced these type of men didn't exist so when he popped the question with a ring more amazing than I ever fathomed, I moved to the country to marry him – totally living a real life “Farmer wants a Wife” life!   Four years on, one half renovated house, 2 businesses, a part time job, a 15 month old, 2 dogs and a cat….. life is far from boring!

This blog is to share another insight into the world that is Labels and Love.  I plan to share with you a combination of my life, my love of all things pretty and posts on the amazing labels and garments that 2014 will bring to Labels and Love.  I look forward to sharing my journey with you.

Sheri xx

February 17, 2014 — Sheridan Dixon

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